• My name is Adriana Santos, the designer of ImmigreatDesigns and this is my story.

What initially inspired the creation of
my bow ties was simply the lack of creativity
and availability in the ones I was able to
find. Having all the resources around me and some
of the best fabric suppliers, I was only steps
away from what essentially became one of the best
things to happen to me.

As I began enhancing my craft, I realized there was
something bigger than simply constructing these pieces,
their value was unyielding.

The name "ImmigreatDesigns" comes directly from my past
and currently my present.

"Statistics do not tell the story of immigration, people do"

By using the word immigrant as a negative phrase, 
we deny the importance of immigrants to our society. 

We are a nation of immigrants.

I was 4 years old when I came to the United States with my family and I am currently 30 years old. On January 4,2010 while waiting for
the bus, I was approached by two young men and robbed at gun point.
They took my phone, my money, but most importantly my peace of mind.

As the victim of that crime I became eligible to apply for a U-Visa.
It is a visa that is given to immigrants who are victims of serious crimes committed on US grounds. 

As an "undocumented immigrant" I would be given temporary legal status and
work eligibility. In March of 2012, I made an appointment with an immigration lawyer
and began the process. On December 2012 my U-Visa was approved.In 3 years i will become eligible to apply for a green card and then become a legal permanent resident.

My bow ties have funded this cause and they continue to do so 'til this day.